Remarket yourself

I know remarketing is a new term, because the squiggly spell check line under the word is attempting to toss it off the screen.
Let’s learn what it is, and what it means for your personal brand.

Brands target and remarket to you

You may have an idea what remarketing is, or perhaps you already know. And, if you are in the third head-scratching group with the majority, I promise you’ve already been through a remarketing spin cycle.

Remarketing is when a brand you know and love bids more than other companies to be in front of your eyes as you jump around the internet, any device at any time. You may have noticed certain brands follow you around no matter the network or site. That’s certainly targeted advertising, and likely remarketing. It is a way the brand stays visible (and relevant) in your life, when you’ve expressed prior interest through your actions. It is a brand watching where you’ve been and saying hello where you go. Brands will do this for a number of reasons:

  • You interacted with their site and didn’t purchase anything: come back, buy stuff!
  • You bought something recently: come back, buy more!
  • You are on a social network away from home: you are close to us, buy things!
  • You bought something a long time ago: here is some new stuff you can buy!
  • You are a frequent visitor: don’t go to our competitor, we are more likable!
  • You have done business with a subsidiary: look at these other shiny things you may want to buy!

On the customer experience side, remarketing is you saying “I’ll sleep on it” and having sales staff from the car lot standing at your front door the next morning. New car polished and scented, banker at one side and coffee at the other, keys in your hand asking if you want a test drive.

Build meaningful connections

Just like a corporate campaign, remarketing your personal brand is about developing meaningful connections after the initial spark. It’s amazing you hit the fortune 500 club on LinkedIn, or built your Facebook empire from pillaged yearbooks – real people with whom we’re connected to – although without follow-up, your networked empire will turn to digital dust when new platforms come conquering. If you are connecting with more than 20% of your network today, you are likely in the top 80% at remarketing yourself.

Will others help you?

There are many ways to look at the strength of a personal connection. A friend is someone that says “yes, I’ll help” before they know the question. That same measurement exists for our online connections.

Have you ever asked for help anything online? It’s a scary thought, to stick your heart out and face an empty screen. There is no time one wishes they were more proactive with their online network than at that very moment, and I gave it a try yesterday when I was putting this post together:

I love that others are willing to help without knowing more.

  • What if I was more engaged with my twitter friends, would more people want to help?
  • Could I ask them to help by sharing an article, or sending it to friends?

Remarketing your brand is making deliberate actions to follow-up and connect with others who you already have a connection with. It is about your time and how you share it with others.

One of the most memorable things said to me was from a colleague a few years back: “you only come over here when you need something, Tim! Come say hello and talk when you have other things to do”.


Blunt, but true.

Remarket Yourself

The second best time to start is now

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is a golden opportunity (happy holidays, hope you had a good year…) to connect again with old friends, and say hello to new connections for a second time.

You never know when you will need to reach out for help. Engaged networks that know and like your brand will be quick to offer their support.

Remarket yourself.

Tim Rhodes

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