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Wendii is responsible for the Career Tools section of, a site I consider to be foundational advice for any professional managing their career. Great advice is determined by the receiver and with 100,000 weekly listeners, Manager Tools is considered to be a valued digital mentor for professionals. Wendii`s voice is heard in every country in the world as the newest contributor to their podcast on managing your career.

I am excited Wendii has shared a lesson about her transition to this valued role, it’s a powerful lesson that demonstrates we never know where we’ll end up.

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Every day, I’m lucky to get emails, cards and presents from people who feel I’ve helped them in their career. Tim asked me what accomplishment I’m most proud of and every time I get a note I’m proud, overwhelmed and humbled. The one that touched me most was from someone who had been sober two months and attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) every day, because of guidance we gave on building a network. He said it gave him the courage to walk into that meeting.

Help Everyone

When I struggle, when I’m tired, or when I’m having no fun, I think of people like that. People who hear my voice or read my words and are inspired to be better. It gives me energy to start over.

We are all being observed

So how did I get this position anyway? Believe me, there was no strategy! I had no idea that what was in my head wasn’t in everybody’s head. I started by answering questions. I answered a few, I learned my responses helped so I answered a few more. People started asking me directly. Mark Horstman – my current boss – noticed and decided that one day he’d hire me. I had no idea he’d made that decision. Every time someone asked, I tried to help. When he asked me to work for him, I thought ‘if I can be helpful, I will’. And now I have the job I was put on earth to do.

Help someone every day

Stop the cynicism.  Stop thinking your boss is a jerk.  Stop thinking the company wants to wring every drop of blood out of you.  Stop thinking that out of work activities are too much, that you’re tired. Stop thinking that you don’t have something to offer.

Help Everyone

Start trying to help.  Everyone.  Whoever you see around you that could do with a hand, whether it’s opening a door or coaching little league.

I can’t promise that it will come back to you in an instant promotion. I can’t promise you’ll find the work you were born to do immediately, it took me 40+ years.

Help with open hands

I can promise you that feeling useful gives you energy to try more. It’s a virtuous circle of saying yes, of helping, of meeting more people, of impressing them. Open hands hold more water. Stop clenching your fist against the world. Open your hands. It’ll be easier to help, and it’ll be easier to for someone to put something in them too.

Help everyone.

Lesson 002

  • Liam Somerville

    Bang. On. When I’m in doubt, I try to multiply my actions by 1000 and decide whether the world is better or worse off because of it. Thanks for the great article.