You inspire you

You know the feeling, although you may need help creating it.

Inspiration is internal. It is our response to how we feel during a moment, and can be triggered by different inputs. A thought, a sight, a scent. A memory. Inspiration spurs desire, it does not create push. For that reason we can’t motivate others to be inspired, although we can create a world of accessible triggers.

You inspire you.

Inspiration is contagious

We catch it, we create it, we spread it. And yet, too often we fail to bring inspiring actions and words - with purpose - to our 24 hour blocks. A leader understands that one doesn’t need to be inspired (in the moment) to be inspiring. That time you kicked the door down with energy on the way out of a sales talk was the result of thought and practice in the delivery as much as the planning. Inspirational speakers don’t get lucky to inspire you every time they talk, they plan to touch on themes that we all recognize to be messages of action. Stories last past their spark.

Inspiration can be turned on

You can create contagious inspiration when you speak:

  • Are you telling a story, or reading bullet points?
  • Are you touching on themes that are known to trigger inspiration? Such as:
    1. The Renegade Story - “Action expresses priorities” – Gandhi
    2. The Underdog Story - “If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do” – Neil Gaiman
    3. The Leadership Story - “Have the guts to stand out and be ridiculed” – Derek Sivers

Build your inspiration database. Understand what triggers inspiration in you, and find the right themes for every audience as a foundation for targeted communication. Without considering inspiration in your messaging, you leave future action to chance.

Inspiration is (almost) free

The cost to creating inspiration is your time. Choosing to seek themes in your messaging takes time and desire. Use your own inspiration triggers as needed and by choice: choose to move, choose to create.

You inspire you.



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